What do you do when you have an arc flash?

If you are in charge of or own a busy industrial complex, it does not matter whether it is large or small, then the chances are good that an arc flash could occur. But such occurrences are minimized when you have the expertise of an arc flash hazard analysis inspections expert or professional to hand. So, the answer to this question should be obvious by now. Just to emphasize; what do you do when you do have an arc flash?

You look up your regional or local government-approved inspector and request that he come to your premises as soon as possible. But by that time it could be a case of too little too late. Good business practice will always include good housekeeping and good risk management programs. Part of that essential job will require you to have taken up the services of an arc flash specialist ahead of time. By doing that, you lessen the chances of an arc flash ever occurring.

But this is really too good to be true. Of course, it cannot be possible to avoid such hazards altogether. But at least with the professionalism to hand, you can prepare your premises well for dealing with such eventualities. A first-time inspection is likely to point out areas that you might have looked at already. This could entail excessive amounts of dust and high corrosion in the work space. The inspector will pick out faulty installations and equipment failures.

These and a host of other fault lines will be dealt with accordingly. The hazard analysis inspector will then proceed to tailor a safety plan that meets all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards.  It is better to be prepared than to deal with immediate or unexpected emergencies.