The harmful ingredients of your regular sunscreen

The next time you go to the beach and go for a swim in the ocean’s water, do take care. The next time you decide to snorkel beneath the ocean waves, do be very careful. No, we are not talking about the great white. We need to take care of that one. It is a threatened species. We are not even talking about how good a swimmer you are. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are. What we are talking about is something unheard of before.

Here, we are talking about your regular sunscreen. No, we are not even reminding you to apply it. We are appealing to you to ditch it altogether. In the process, make sure that the next time you head off into the water; you apply reef friendly sunscreen instead. And, briefly, this is why. Your regular sunscreen contains a number of chemicals and preservatives that are extremely harmful to the ocean’s coral reefs.

Coral reefs need to be preserved. As things stand now, the majority of the earth’s coral reefs are fragile. They need to be preserved for our benefit and especially for all ocean life because they are one of the most bio-diverse eco-systems around. Well, they used to be until they started dying. Your regular sunscreen contains harmful chemicals and preservatives such as Benzophenones (BP-2), oxybenzone, onctinoxate and Parabens. Most of these chemicals (there are others too) have been used in our cosmetic and skin care products since the nineteen sixties.

Now that we have organic options at our fingertips, it is time we take more care and put a stop to our wholesale harmful practices. It really is that easy. Just make a note of the things that do harm and scratch it from your shopping list.